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Life is all about enjoying it!!!

Our lives can be considered as a glass of a car---  When we pull it up, we can see a darker perspective of the world while when we pull it down it’s completely the vice versa. Our life has a lot to give to each one of us-- if we always creep about the darker side then we will never be in a position to appreciate the brighter side of life..

Enjoy every moment as life is too short to creep over petty issues. 


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Door of wisdom

When doors open to new opportunities, grab the same with both your hands, because you may never get the same opportunity ever again! Have a pleasant day ahead!🌇

Famous Sunset Point at Goa

Lit up the place..

Well, this picture doesn’t hold any great significance… It was a normal click which was taken during a power shutdown, when I was at my Granny’s place… That day as we didn’t have currents, I suggested that we all should have a candle light dinner.. So we arranged candles and lit up the entire room.. Trust me, it was amazing…Candle light dinner with family at home!! It’s an amazing idea!! I think you all gotta try this out!! J