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Difference in colors

Bunch of keys

Waves hitting the coast

The Canvas created by God!!!

Sunlight through the Glass

Vote For a Change

As elections are around the corner, all I can say Vote for a change!!!

They were meant to be together...

Dedicated to a close friend and her love story!!!

Life is quite mysterious in it’s ways… A sudden storm brought a drastic change in their lives, It was only after the storm calmed; they understood the true meaning behind.. Two hearts were meant to meet. As they were meant to share eachother’s sadness As they were meant to be by eachother’s side As they were meant to love and understand one another. Beyond Words, Deeds and Actions

Yes! They were meant to be together.

Magic Of Black and White Photography

Black and White really brings much required depth in your photography!! Well, this is a picture clicked, when I busy preparing for my exams!! A door handle, is something that is seen almost everyday by soo many of us. Yet, only few pay close attention to it..!!
Here's this picture, have a close look at it! It's indeed beautiful!