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Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!

No matter what phone you have, all phones are useless if you friends don’t text you!!!
Recently, my friend got a new phone. And as everyone knows, when a person gets a new phone they begin to flaunt it. So my friend too did the same. He flaunted his new phone for quite some time then he was like “Any phone is useless, if it doesn’t have internet.”
Hmmm… well, I felt it’s not about internet but more about friends… If your friends don’t text you ---- then I guess, if you have the costliest phone in the world or an unlimited data pack …  Everything is useless.” And he did agree to me on this!!!

Here’s a special picture to all those wonderful friends whose text I receive almost every single day!! Thank you for taking time off and sending me precious messages every single day… Trust me, with your message are precious.. 


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